This should be fun…

What’s new since yesterday:

I have an appointment with a neurosurgeon tomorrow for a surgery consult. Over the last 2 months or so, I’ve been dealing with lower back pain. I learned 2 weeks ago that I have a herniated disc in my L5 lumbar vertebrae. The pain was being managed by an anti-inflammatory until this weekend, when I injured my back picking something up. The bottom of my left foot is now tingling, and I have no nerve reflex on the Achilles Tendon on that foot, which means that nerve damage of some sort is happening. My doctor told me that depending on what they do, recovery time would be 2-6 weeks. I just want to run again.

I finished Ecclesiastes this morning, so I’m not sure where I’m going next. Our Monday LIFE group begins James next week, so I’m thinking of hitting maybe 1 Kings and Romans.

No Line On the Horizon:

I’ve been listening to the new U2 for a week now and I’m pretty excited about it. There is much that is the typical U2 sound, soaring, grinding guitars, lots of cymbals and a bass that seems to pull the whole thing along. There are also more layers to the music, more experimentation going on. Apparently, there will be a companion album coming out at the end of the year, called “Songs of Ascent”. I watched them on Letterman 2 weeks ago; the first night they played “Breathe” and I thought Bono’s voice was slipping because it was live, but as I listen to the 0’s and 1’s on my hard drive, it all makes sense. They are simply being who they are, expectations out the window. The have the credibility to create and create, and they’ll sell more 0’s and 1’s because and despite the naysayers. Because, at the end of the day, is there anyone really in line to take it from them?

I haven’t decided where it fits in the canon yet. Best? It’s no Achtung, Baby or
POP for that matter. Worst? No.

In either case, they’ll be in Chicago at Soldier Field on September 12, and I plan on being there, too.

For the rest of day:

Lunch with a college student who graduated a few years ago, home for spring break.
Work on my youth group lesson for tomorrow night. One of our students is leading the big group devotional; I’m excited to hear her speak.
Tonight, a friend is coming over to eat, hang out, play some x-box and talk about Jesus.




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