Of the 6 Star Wars movies, I think “The Empire Strikes Back” is my favorite. One of the subplots of the movie takes place on the planet Dagobah, where Luke is being trained by Jedi Master Yoda. Luke crash-lands his x-wing onto the planets surface. As he trains to become a Jedi, his ship sinks further and further into the swamp. At a certain point in the movie, Luke attempts to use the force to pull the ship out of the muck. He fails. Moments later, the smaller Yoda is able to retrieve the ship; he levitates it and moves it onto more secure land. Luke comes out of the jungle into the clearing just as the ship is returning to the ground. An amazing dialog then takes place.

Luke: (panting and out of breath) “I don’t believe it.”
Yoda: “That, is why you fail.”

You know, I can handle the faith needed for the big picture, the grand scale, and the larger context. But I fail daily because I simply do not believe that He is indeed the deliverer in the day-to-day grind.

God, have mercy on me, a poor sinner.


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