Live from Willow Creek, it’s…

Phil, Hannah and I left Cedar Rapids this mornign around 5:10am. After stopping at BK for some food, we got to WC just as the conference was starting (just like last year). I missed the exit the first time, and then got incredibly lucky as we pulled right up to the WC campus.

The first session was on culture and how it is changing around us…are we adapting our methods? How can we do so without compromising the message?

This year, they are “live-blogging”. The link is here. This is a great statement made…

“Cultural phenomena – cultural freeze. Immigrants and then they recreate their culture in another country. Even though they had never gone back, Ukraine had changed. The culture they had recreated in the US was frozen – 30 years of nonrelevance. Could this be what unchurched people feel like when they come to our churches?”

I’m sure Hannah has no idea what to think of Phil and I.


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