Are we done?

Back in the day, I attended First Presbyterian Church in Peachtree City, Georgia. Steve Rembert was our youth minister, and topic was The Shroud of Turin and it’s pending visit to Atlanta. As we talked about the Shroud, somehow we started talking about Jesus’ body. Steve said “If they ever find His actual bones, we should lock the church doors…we’re done here.”

Well, according to this, the bones have been found.

My favorite quotes from the article-and my questions

“The Oscar-winning director of Titanic says statistical analysis and DNA show the tomb is that of Jesus.”
They have God’s DNA to compare it to?

“The documentary The Lost Tomb of Jesus, produced by Mr Cameron, claims tests on samples from two of the coffins show Jesus and Mary Magdalene were likely to have been buried in them and were a couple.”
What tests did they run to show that they were a couple?

“But they say the discovery of the tomb does not mean that Jesus was not resurrected three days after his death – a key Christian belief.”
Do bones equal lack of resurrection? Why/why not?

My all time favorite…
“Local residents said they were pleased with the attention the tomb has drawn. “It will mean our house prices will go up because Christians will want to live here,” one woman said.”
YEAH! We can complete manipulate Christians!

Here’s some questions…

Are we done? Why? Why not?

How would finding the bones of Christ do anything to our faith? Would it affect His resurrection? Was His resurrection bodily or one of spirit? How do gnostic beliefs fit into this?


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