Hosea, or, Bad Diary Days

Hosea ministered to Israel for 38 years before she was restored. Hosea did not give up, he did not quit his ministry because people did not like him, he did not think prayer “didn’t work”…he did what God told him to do, as long as God to told him to do it.

The book is divided into 2 parts.

  1. Chapters 1-3 tell the story of the family life of Hosea, married to Gomer. He is ordered by God to marry her, even though he knows she is going to cheat on him.
  2. Chapters 4-14 tell the story of Israels involvement in the Canaanite religion.

Their disloyalty to God is spiritual adultery. Which is why Derek Webb uses words like “whore” to convey his message in songs like “Wedding Dress”. Derrek Webb is writing offensive things because our sin is offensive to God. Worshiping false Gods, or no God, is the setting up of yourself and of other things before the one God. And, you’re not doing anything new. You’re being neither coy nor cutting-edge. So get over it.

Here is but one of the several Hosea-inspired songs by David Bazan of Pedro the Lion. It’s called “Bad Diary Days”, from the 2001 album “It’s Hard to Find a Friend”.

“Barely ever fight, she knows that I love her.
At first we made it every night, but I don’t wanna bug her about it.
She just has a funny way of loving me.
A pair of ticket stubs in her desk – a movie I’d never seen.
I probably shouldn’t ask – it sounds so accusing.
she must have forgotten to mention girl’s night out.

The breakfast cereal talked more than we did all day long.
I asked her for a walk, but she had to be on her way.
So I told her that I knew she’d been stepping out.

She swore that she could explain.
She swore that it would not happen again.
She swore that she could explain.
We both knew her words were in vain.”


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