Friday or, "if it’s passion for me, than it’s passion for you"

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Amazing & Thank You By Luxury

Ahh, Luxury-Chris, Glenn, Lee, and James. What a group.

Sttill seeking out a name for the Eastview Blogring. The kids have yet to give me any tips or suggestions. Quite possibly it will be “Sam and the I-am’s” if they are not creative, and soon! Tomorrow, we are “working” at Younkers for the Community Appreciatioin Days. I am picking up the Holley girls tomorrow morning, and I “get” to work with them and the Tena girls at Younkers. It is going to be a great time, I need to visit with that group anyway as they are wanting to go to Mexico, it’ll be a great time to discuss the trip, ask them questions, etc. I am behind in doing this.We are trying to raise funds for our pending Mexico trip later this year. After that, we have a fundraiser at Wendy’s on Collins Rd-this one takes place on March 15.

I’m thinking of cutting my beard, Anne tells me I look like I came down from a mountain after months of wandering (the last part was my embellishment, but I know what she means). Here’s how vain I am…I have struggled with hair issues for quite sometime. For years, I would cut it when I felt stressd out. When I was REALLY stressed, I’d shave my beard, immediately regret it, and grow it back. The issue now is this: I’m going on like 4 months of growth, and if I cut it, I know I’ll be mad at myself. I am however going to cut my hair this weekend. It is out of control, shaggy, and blah, blah, blah. Who cares?

Now I am listening to “kill the famous” by the aformentioned Luxury. I remember seeing them play in South Carolina, and hearing that song. Obviously it is about not having idols in people, not lifting uo people on pedestals. It was strange afterwards as I sat and talked to Jamey about different things people would come up and ask for his autograph. Crazy.

I had some interesting mail come while I was gone, first was my first issue of “CCM”, yes, that CCM, and then my “Othordox Study Bible” I requested from Our Life in Christ. It is a New Testament with Psalms. I know several people who are Orthodox, and hey, free Bible!

Now on to Daniel 6.

What’s the main point? What did the passage mean to those who read it?

My NKJV divides the chapter into 4 sections. Verses 1-9 comprise of the plot against Daniel. If Darius was “Dr Evil”, Daniel was “Number 2.” The minions below hated Daniel because of the power and control he exercised, so they decided to have Dr Evil write a statement that no one could worship anything but him for 30 days. Verses 10-17 is made up of Daniel being placed in the lions den. The various other leaders saw Daniel doing his normal worship God thing, and told Darius, who was bound by the law he had written. Verses 18-23 show Darius being bothered by what he had done, to the point of losing sleep, and the nightly rock concert in his chambers did not take place. Verses 24-28 have Darius throwing the losers who rebelled against David into the same lions den, not just them, but “their children, and their wives.” Darius then ordered everyone else in the kingdom to worship the God of Daniel. Like much of the OT writings, this was designed to tell a story, and not one of Daniel, but God’s story…what did God accomplish here? How did He use Daniel and Darius to glorify Himself?

What’s God saying to me through these words?

It’s interesting to note that Darius has faith that the God of Daniel is going to deliver him. Daniel is not quoted in this text as saying anything like “God will deliver me.” Darius shows faith that Daniel will be delivered. Did God possibly save Daniel because of the faith of Darius? Was Darius an unbeliever?

What am I to do, to not do because of these words?

Maybe, I should be burdened by those who are suffering for their faith. Darius could have returned to his chambers, eaten his food, rocked out to David Crowder Band, and gone to sleep, because he was the king! He was living the good life, but he was bothered by the fact that someone in his kingdom was suffering for their faith. Kinda like us. Here we are in the greatest country ever, while people are suffering for their faith, dying for want of food, and we hole up, rock out to music, eat, drink and be merry.



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