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Wow. what a week. I feel like I have been poured in to. Here’s a brief conference recap, speakers and their topics. I’m sure in the weeks, to come, I’ll delve deeper…

First Session-Gordon MacDonald-“Lessons Learned from Leadership Nightmares”

Second Session-Dr. Jack Groppel-“Increasing Your Leadership Capacity”
-website here

Corporate worship was led by David Crowder band and was wonderful.
Third Day concert was monday night, and frankly, was mediocre. They are a good band, but a little out of place for a student ministries conference. That would be my “low point” if I had to name one.

First Session-Bo Boshers (Direct of High School Ministry at Willow Creek)-“The Be-With Factor”
This session was about the importance of mentorship, and was great.

Second Session-Kristen Bennet-“Riding the Evolving Wave of Youth Culture”
This was the best session at conference. go here

Corporate worship was led by Brandon Grissom, worship leader for “elevate”, their middle school program.

First breakout attended was “Everything I Know about Leading Worship I Learned from an Irish Rockstart”, given by Aaron Niequist, worship leader fom Mars Hill in Michigan.

Second breakout was “Families: Involving Moms and Dads in the Process of Spiritual Transformation,” led by Jim Burns. Beleive it or not, parents are responsible for the spiritual growth of their children, who’d a thought??


First session was “Evangephobia” by Greg Stier of Dare2Share Ministries. Apparently, when his brother was converted, he was asked if the gospel message as presented was understood, if it made sense. The response of his brother? “H… yeah!” You could have heard a pin drop, so for effect, and to ensure that EVERYONE there had heard correctly what he said, he repeated it by saying “That was his sinner’s prayer, h… yeah.” It was a great message.

Second and final session was Darren Whitehead, the director of Next Gen Minisries at Willow Creek and was entitled “Making Church Stick.”

This was a great conference, and next year my intention is to go early, on Saturday, in order to participate in their weekend services. I am encouraged and uplifted right now.


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