Back to normal, almost.

Catch up, ketchup, catsup. That’s what I’ve been playing, and I feel like I’m at a good point. There has been much talk about the “emerging church” movement, some positives, and some criticism. One of the issues discussed at WC, was that we need to increase our capacity, and the way we do that is the “stress” ourselves. For instance, if I want to get into shape physically, I’ll lift weights which stress my muscles to make them deal with the stress. One thing I have learned over the last few years is to stress my theological mind, so I purchased Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell, pastor at Mars Hill in Grandville Michigan. I am excited to see what all the hub-bub is about, and will post my thoughts over the coming weeks.

1 Peter, chapter 2.

What’s the main point?

Peter is challenging his readers to grow up in the Lord. He wants his readers to long for the basics of the faith so that they may grow and mature in Him. He also uses this chapter to exhort christians to lead and live blameless lives among the gentiles (non-believers).

What’s God saying to me through this passage?

Lots of things. we are being built into a “spiritual house” (verse 5) in order that we, as a holy priesthood, may offer spiritual sacrifices to God. I love verse 8, Christ is presented as a stumbling block, as an offense-I think this means that He is in the way of our sin. We come into contact with Him and the Holy Spirit provokes us to the point that the risen Christ is constantly in our way, always on our minds as we try to work around both Him and His words. Christ’s model in verses 21-25 is also key, He just took His punishment and our sin. He offered no resistance, did not put up a fight, He just submitted himself to His Father. Our modern ideals of “look out for your own” stands in stark contrast with the model of Jesus, whether we like it or not.

What should I do, not do? Should I start or stop something? How should I think, feel and act?

How about I stop worrying about me and my “righsts” and live in submission? How about I set what I want aside? How about allowing the Holy Spirit to actually function with in me as a stumbling block, as an offense? How about when Jesus gets in my way, I don’t treat Him like Balaam treated his donkey; I don’t whip Him until He submits to me, rather I just be obedient and go where He is?


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