Wednesday Morning

Glycerol levels down, liver depleted, currently waiting for some bacon to make it to the buffet.

Last day of conference, then back to Cedar Rapids for me and Phil to return to Akron. This has been a great week; one of leraning and encouragement that I greatky needed, and one with my best friend who encourages me in my walk with Christ and is not afraid to tell me when I suck and need to hear it. I can’t imagine a better friend than Phil; he needs to be working in a church somewhere, and whoever is blessed to get him will have a fine leader.

As yesterday, I’ll be brief:

Isaiah 53

What did the passage mean to those who heard it?

As a prophet, Isaiah’s mission was to call attention to the work of God. Prophets do three things, speak about God, warn the people of pending and immediate judgement, and seek to draw the people back to God after they have either left him, or been judged. Here, Isaiah is predicting the pending arrival of the Messiah. His details are uncanny, obviously led by God. Having said that, it would be completely legitimate to question whether Isaiah really knew what he was doing. Was he merely God’s mouthpiece, passing on message, or did he know, understand the specifics of who or what he was talking about?

What is God saying to me through these words?

Regardless of Isaiah’s role within this saga, the hand of god was on him and He was revealing what He would do…and He did it, just as He had planned.

What should I do, not do, think, feel, etc…?

I should be ok with the fact that God is god, and His control is best. Obviously, I am human and deal with emotion that all too often is the driver. But, where does my hope lie? Who is my Trust? What am I about? He is either in control, or not. He knows what is going on or He does not. And I believe He is…He knows what’s going on, He is not suprised, He is not shocked by us. He is not sitting in heaven, head in His hands wondering what to do about us. Here’s the truth…He has provided redemption for us. There is no “plan-b”, no back-up just in case the whole cross thing failed. He did not send Jesus down just to “check things out”(thanks, Phil) and report back to Him the situation. He was, and is it. And we can either accept that, or seek Him where He will not be found.


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