Tuesday Morning

Up at 7am, eating a blueberry muffin to raise my glycerol levels. We’re leaving for WC in a litle bit.

Today’s reading is from 1 Timothy 4, and on our paper, is entitled “Leadership Instructions.” An abrdiged version, guys, you know the drill.

Question 2-Main point?

Pail is telling Timothy basicialy how to run his church in 1 & 2 Timothy. These boks, coupled with Titus, are called “Pastoral Epistles” and are letters from a mentor to a prodigy. My translation shows chapter 4 divided into 2 sections…1-5 are called “the prediction of the decline of the church,”, and 6-16 are called “a good minister of Christ.” Basically, he’s telling his man to look out for people who seek to divide, and when they show up, how to fight them off, summing up in verse 16…watch yourself and your doctrine, by doing so, you’ll save yourself and others (through it’s preaching and teaching).

Question 3-Application to me?

Gee, are there false teachers today? People who would sway me from the gospel?

Question 4-What should I do?

Same as Timothy…stand firm, practice my doctrine and beliefs. my translation says that the phrase “be in them” (v 15) means to “be immersed in.” Be surrounded at all tmes by my doctrine, have it affect my whole self. Awesome.

Well, that’s it for now, glycerol is pumping, and I need a shower.


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