Currently Listening: A Collision By David Crowder Band

A few random things:

I really like my pastor andd not just because he reads this (hey, bill). I walked in to his office, and he was listening to the above CD. Of course, he did call it “weird.”

I just had the “Tai Pei” Pepper Beef meal. I cooked it a little longer than necessary, and there, in the bottm corners of the box, was crispy, carmelized soy sauce. I actually cut the box down so i could harvest, and then ingest, as much of it as possible. I put the box in the garbage, and feel like George Costanza when he pulled the half-eaten “long john” out of the garbage. I want to scrape and scrape as much as I possibly can. Right now, in my body I can feel the crispy goo surging through my veins. Sweet.


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