"…one thing on my mind, squeezing me and my camel through the needle’s eye…"

Currently Listening: She Must and Shall Go Free- Derek Webb

I am on a Derek Webb-a-thon.

Our youth bible study group has enbarked on the great “21-day quiet time challenge.” It is from our youth group material, and challenges us to be in scripture for 21 days. Basically, it is a one chapter a day read, and there are questions asked about the text. That is where my last 2 days of material has come from. Today, we read from Genesis 3.

What did this passge mean to those who heard it? What’s the main point?

Like my posting about Genesis 1, Genesis 3 serves to inform, it is narrative and describes sin entering the world, courtesy of free will (which conceptually was put down into words by our good friends St. Augustine and Thomas Aquinas-both Catholics, I might add). Genesis 3 also introduces us to our Savior, in 3:15. The “He” alluded to is indeed Christ.
It is because of sin that we toil and sweat, that we are frustrated by our vocation. Also, death takes place for the first time as God makes “tunics of skin” for Adam and Eve.

What is God saying to me through these words?

That we are free to respond to Him as we wish. We can do what we want with Him and His designs for us. While His general will for all of us is to love Him and be obedient to Him He will allow us to do as we wish. I am reminded of the song “Nothing” by Pedro the Lion and its very challenging lyrical content…specifically, this verse and chorus.

“If you’d open your mind up
you’d see that there is nothing that’s always wrong.
No matter what you say,
it’s just not true that there’s only one way.

Cause I want to
do it my way,”

For the longest time, I struggled with this…I think what he is saying that despite the true “one way”-Christ, I am free to do as I choose, there is indeed another way-mine-and Bazan is not saying that this way leads to anything good. He’s using it as his justification to be disobedient, and I believe using satire to do so. Maybe that is what I’ll ask him next Monday night.

How should I change my life because of these truths? Should I start doing something, or should I stop doing something? What am I going to feel, think and believe because of this passage?

I will be comforted in the fact that even then, at the beginning, He had a plan in place to redeem all things to Him.


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