For you I rise, for you I fall

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Well, the paper is about 99% complete. I’m going to have Anne look at it tonight to get her opinion. I am ready to have this season of life behind me. Also, the Crave is tomorrow night. And, I am getting my taxes done tonight.

On to Luke 2…

What did the passage mean to those who heard it?
Luke wrote this letter to his friend Theophilus to tell him of the things that had happened concerning Jesus. His book, like the other Gospels, is a biography of Christ. Specifically, chapter 2 tells us about the birth and early life of Christ, up to the beginning of His ministry.

What is God saying to me through these words?
He is assuring me that the prophecies of the Messiah have indeed come to pass. He is also showing me that at an early age, Jesus knew that He had a specific role on earth. In my synoptic Gospels class last year, we read articles that questioned when Jesus truly “knew” that He was Messiah. What was Mary’s understanding of Messiah? Most, if not all of the Jews, understood Him to be an earthly king, one who would free them from the Romans. Why would Mary have a different understanding? Did Jesus, at age 7, for instance, know who He was? Looking throughout scripture, God reveals His plans to His people usually one step at a time, without revealing the entire picture up front. After all, Jesus himself did not know the hour of His return, so it stands to reason that POSSIBLY, He did fully know His task until it was necessary for the Father to reveal it to Him. I know, crazy talk.

How should my life change because of what I read?
I can be comforted in the fact that what God says will happen, indeed will happen.


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