When Experience and Theology Collide.

Soren Kierkegaard-“We artful dodgers act as if we do not undertand the New Testament, because we realize full well that we should have to change our way of life drastically” (Quoted in Manning 163).

It is not that we fail to grasp truth, we choose to not beilieve it, or live it. We dismiss scripture because “God is not talking to us”, or because “God does not really want me to do ‘x’, or “that was for the people back in that day.” If our theology, our understanding of who God is, what God does, and our response to God is challenged, perhaps it is we who need to change. It is the verses that make us recoil (sell all you have, give the $ to the poor and follow me), and the ones we abuse and misuse (sorry, the parable of the talents as found in Matthew 25:14-30 is not about your bank account or your 401 (k)) that should cause us to question our faith.

For many of us, our faith has become a cultural, feel-good, anectdotal, old-timey religion. It’s a folk theology, the theology of Oprah. It sounds spiritual so it must be of God.

More Kiekergaard-“That is why we invented ‘religious education’ and ‘christian doctrine.’ Another concordance, another lexicon, a few more comentaries, three other translations, because it is all so different to understand.”

What did the New Testament church do without the Prayer of Jabez? If only the Apostle Paul would have known that the key to an extraordinary life was found in the words of Jabez. He could have avoided the whole martyr thing.

A fellow blogger, Pemberley Tea, has begun the journey. See her February 3rd entry.

As Bono and the boys posted during the “ZooTV” tour…”Everything you know is wrong.”


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