General Tso? You are the man!

Ahh, General Tso! But, who is this General Tso? What army is he in? And how did this man have a mean named after him? Let’s take a look at THIS, for the answer, shall we?

Here’s a highlight, a brief recap, a summary, and overview of the man who’s namesake would make me happy.

“Zuǒ Zōngtáng (左宗棠) (November 10, 1812-September 5, 1885), spelled Tso Tsung-t’ang in Wade-Giles and known simply as General Tso to Westerners, was a gifted Chinese military leader born in Wenjialong, north of Changsha in Hunan province, during the waning of the Qing Dynasty.”

“The Tso in General Tso is often mispronounced “Cho”. This confusion arises because “Ts'” in Postal Pinyin is pronounced as “Ch”. The correct pronunciation in Mandarin is “tswo”.”

Wikipedia, you’re a pip!

And now on to the meal itself.

Brand: Tai Pei
Catchphrase: Bring Home the Orient
Actual Name: General Tso’s Spicy Chicken-Chicken White Meat & Vegetables in a Spicy Sauce
Miscellaneous: Only 18 Net Carbs, 180% daily vitamin A, 130% daily vitamin C, 27% daily sodium
Where can you get it: Super Wal-Mart
Cost: $2.15

I will post a picture soon.


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