January 23rd

The start of a new week and new thoughts. First, some ramblings…I talked to someone who was in my old youth group this morning. She graduated high school in 2004, and is currently deployed in Iraq with her Army unit. We had an interesting dicussion on safety, and Christianity. I am so proud of her. Please pray for her.

Last week, I got handed The Gifts of the Jews, by Thomas Cahill, who also wrote How the Irish Saved Civilization (I know Pops, I still have your book). I am looking forward to being done with my class next month, so I can read it.

As I finished Praise Habit, I move on to a new devo.

It is based on “abba’s child”, by Brennan Manning. In the introduction, he talks about his entry into the Franciscan Order at 23 years old, and that, on the first night, they recited Psalm 51 in Latin, all the while whipping his back with a coiled telephone wire. He had blood blisters from it…he was “trying desperately to make myself pleasing to God” (Manning 9). Furthermore, he writes, “I want to wim this war with myself. Bitter irony. Instead of surrendering my self-centeredness to Christ, I try to beat it to death” (Manning 8).

Are you tried of sin? Are you tired of the things that separate you from God? I am. But in my honesty, I want to win. I want to beat it. The Holy Trinity. The REAL Trinity tries to win. The Trinity of Me, Myself and I.

1 John 2:1-19

An addendum to previous post. In verse 15, we are told to not love the world. We are also told that if we do love the world, then the love of the father is not in us. Love is a crazy, over used word. We “love” everything. I “love” hamburgers, my iPod, my kids, even the way my toothpaste whitens my teeth. We often look at a word like this and immediately justify our behavior. After all, we say, we don’t love our sin. Well, let’s decipher what John meant when he wrote this. The Greek word used here is “agapao” meaning just that-love. BUT, the word is rooted from two other words, one meaning “to breathe after”, the other meaning “to be a friend of, to have affection for”. Now that, we do. We only have to look in our living rooms to see our friendship, and our affections for the things of the world.

John, in verse 16, is kind enough to tell us what he means. He defines those things as the “lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the vainglory of life” as not being of God. “Lust” is an interesting word. We are so quick to define that as something to do with sex. Well, the Greek defines it as a “longing”, or “desire”; “to set the heart upon”, to “long for”, to “covet”, “desire”, to “fain” for. Interesting.

I’m about to be really offensive here.

What kinds of magazines do you get at home? How about catalogs? I love getting the “Crutchfield” catalog. I love getting “Musicians Friend”. I see iPod accessories and drum kits. And I lust and lust. The fm-modulated iPod connector (that alllows me to play my iPod through my car stereo via an empty fm station) I have no longer satisfies me, because sometimes, the reception is not good because of the power of the local radio stations. Now, I want the connector that wires my iPod directly to my factory stereo. Currently, I am scheming to sell my pioneer cd deck, my amp and my subs so I can buy it.

I read an internet article a while ago, that discussed “pornography for females”. I’d like to provide the link, but I can only imagine the crap I would have to wade through to find it. Perhaps, if I can find a controlled enough enviornmnet, I’ll try to locate it. The article labeled things like sales catalogs, furniture store brochures as pornography for women. I know…that’s over the line.

Those magazines don’t affect you. You’re not bothered by the visual stimulation of television commercials of new cars, trucks and suv’s, paintings, floor coverings, new clothes or shoes, the latest cell phone. When you see one, you never think, “gee, I’d like that”. After all, your wardrobe is sooo 2005. The paint has faded, the cushions a little too soft, and your neighbor just bought the newest ice cream scoop from pampered chef, the old golf cart just doesn’t have the get up and go it had when first purchased, when you watch tv on your current set, sometimes you have to tap the top of it or adjust the wires in the back to make it work. Besides, you deserve it.


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