January 16

Praise Habit-Psalm 145
“Read as He calls us to someplace above the gray through the clouds to a place where there is hope and healing, where justice and mercy rule, where the King of Creation cradles the widows and the orphans and the fallen, where the blind see and goodness is champion. This is our God.” (Crowder 142)

Sometimes we accept the gray because we have forgotten that God is the God of color. We accept the gray of complacency because the light is too bright, too magnificant to behold, and rather than be blinded and overwhelmed, we accept the gray, we settle for what is not God.

“I have been everywhere the rainbow ends
I have heard every word as it’s said and said again
and though they tried to give me sight
all I have seen is artificial light
flourescent glow and a lip-synced show with soft eyes”

-Luxury-I have been everywhere the grass is green, I have seen all there is to see

2 Peter3:9
God is not delaying His justice because of toleration of wickedness, He is patiently waiting for us repent and turn to Him.

“The Lord’s heart is not set on the time of the fulfillment of His promise but on His people, whom He possesses peculiarly as a treasure. His desire is that none of us, His precious redeemed ones, would be punished by His governmental judgment but would have a prolonged season to repent that we may be spared from his punishment” (footnotes, verse 9, Recovery Translation).

How about instead of lamenting that Christ would return…we repent?
How about seeking Him while He still may be found?
How about coming to Him now, while He patiently waits?


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