The Briefest of Words about music/movies and TV

This is more directed at my youth group kids and their families than anyone else.

The prodding of the Holy Spirit has led me to make the following statement about music/movies and entertainment.

While I listen to and watch a wide variety of things personally, you will rarely hear me “recommend” a particular music group/movie or television show. Believe it or not, I realize that each person has different tastes, and each family has different rules. In a previous posting, I spoke of David Bazan from Pedro the Lion. Based on material I have read about David Bazan, I do not question in any way his relationship to Jesus Christ. HOWEVER, David is blunt about 2 things: his descriptions of the fallen human condition, and redemption as only offered through Christ. In listening to his music and his lyrical content, he proclaims both, with equal bluntness. He does not shy away from talking about the evil of sin, and you don’t have to look too hard to see his proclamations of the Gospel. I will be addressing PTL in the first of my music treatise-possibly this coming weekend.

Having said that, personally I beleive that the sacred/secular “rule” that we as Christians have created is a joke. Not only does it cause us to compartmentalize the media we use for our entertainment, but also allows us to separate our lives into two realms-the sacred (God’s part), and the secular (worldliness). I believe that there is no such disctinction, the earth and everything in are God’s by His creative rights. He has proclaimed in Genesis that creation was “good”. That means ALL creation was initially good. It is through sin that we have taken creation and put it into a state of sin. As Crowder alludes to, our ideas of “good” is different than God’s.


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