January 9

I urge all who read this (if anyone is) to run to your local Super Wal-Mart and invest $.98 in the frozen food section. Immediately purchase for yourself, or have your spouse do it for you, the “Tai-Pei Spicy Szechuan Style Chicken”. Cook it for 8 minutes in your microwave (per directions), and enjoy. My mouth still have the pleasant hot/spicy taste in it. While it is no “Hu Hot”, for $.98, you cannot go wrong. Also, have you ever frozen a pop (we don’t call it soda or coke here)? It tends to separate. Last night, I threw a “Doctor Thunder” (another of Sam’s concoctions) into the freezer, and remembered it this morning. After letting is thaw, or so I thought, i opened it, and poured it in a cup. What I got instead tasted not like Dr Thunder, but like a lot of syrup. There was still ice in the can, so I cut it open using my $5 Farm Credit-labeled Zippo purchased at the outlet store in Orange city Iowa. If you are from Sioux County, or are my father and Miss Susan, you are familiar with the K-Products/American Identity store. Bargains for less!! But back to the story…what I poured out of the can was ice, in the hue of white. The syrup had indeed separated from the carbonation. Now it sits in my Best Buy travle mug, not really thawing, just sitting there.

Praise Habit-Psalm 100

Today our good friend David Crowder gives us discussion on Psalm 100. He mentions his childhood, one filled with off-brand foods-like the aforementioned Dr Thunder. For every box of Fruit Loops, there was “Fruit Hoops”. As an aside, the Lucky Charms substitute-Magic Stars-is pretty good. My experience growing up was the dreaded bag o’ cereal…the Malt-O-Meal bag. We also drank powdered milk-awful. In the NKJV (New King James Version), the Psalm has a heading of “A Song of Praise for the LORD’S Faithfulness”. Crowder compares the Fruit Hoops of life, the false and obviously weak substitutions of the real deal, to God and the false ones that we so often use to replace Him. The “temporal pleasures”…offer “illusory fulfillment”. Like Fruit Hoops and powdered milk, our sin is edible, we delight in it, “because we have the wrong ideas about what is good” (Crowder 122). Just as Dr Pepper is the original, Dr Thunder is a pale knock-off. My Tai Pei meal is the same, it does not hold a candle to the culinary delights of Hu Hot, or any other Mongolian grille.

The song “Original of the Species” by U2, is right on target.
“You are the first one of your kind”

The Apostle Paul even talks about casting off of all things, his achievements as a Pharisee, as rubbish. The Greek word used is skubalon-and it means crap, dog crap. I have drank powdered milk, I have worshiped false gods, I have drank dirty water, and it was all empty. I was left wanting.

1 Peter 5
We are to suffer, because our brothers and sisters around the world are doing so. We are to endure, and when we have done so, we will be perfected, we’ll be established, strengthened and grounded. I would have to say that this is end-times date wise. Now, we are BEING perfected, established, etc…the completion comes at the end.



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4 responses to “January 9

  1. Anonymous

    The powdered milk was for budgetary reasons but the meatloaf–ahhh- the meatloaf!! peace

  2. The powdered milk was for budgetary reasons but the meatloaf–ahhh- the meatloaf!! peace

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