January 6

I’m currently listening to Pedro the Lion’s “The Only Reason I Feel Secure”. In thinking about my posting yesterday, specifically about the time being past for our life in sin, sometimes I get so frustrated with that!! Like the Crowder quote, sin is present! Satan is roaming around, seeking to devour us, and he only needs the slightest crack, a path of least resistance to come in and have his way. I find my comfort in God alone, however He manifests Himself, be it scripture, creation, or David Bazan.

-I am always the one who calls
“I wouldn’t mind but you are my only hope.
I wouldn’t mind but you are my only hope.”

“There’s always trouble
So tell yourself again
That help is on the way
And safety abounds,
That safety abounds.”

I hate the fact that Christ is not enough for me…there, I said it. I confess at times I do not believe the “Good News”. I admit that I am frustrated that there is no other savior, no back up plan to Jesus.

-Letter from a concerned follower
“I’m just a little bit worried
Do you have some sort of plan?
Have you been finally defeated
By the cunning of these fully evolved men?

And I hear that you don’t change
How do you expect to keep up with the trends?
You won’t survive the information age
Unless you plan to change the truth
To accommodate the brilliance of men, the brilliance of men”

Praise Habit-Psalm 96

Crowder is talking about nicknames and the names of God over time. Our kids have nicknames, Katie is “piggy-t”, Nate is “moly” and John is “mini-moly”, or “jason”, depending on the mood and his behavior. I was dubbed “dirty ernie” back in the Toccoa Falls College days. When I was little, I had some “friends” call me john jack@#$ junior. When I told our youth minister in Marysville, OH about this, he changed it to “triple j”. According to Crowder, the Jews took to calling God “Lord” so that they would not use his “real” name in vain. YHWH “specifies immediacy, a presence” (Crowder 118). He is here. He is real. He is present. He sees all. He is never taken by suprise, He is not caught off guard and unawares. “He is unavoidable. He is unescapable. He is inevitable and undeniable. He is.” (Crowder 118). Safety abounds.

1 Peter 4:7-19-the john mulholland paraphrase

verse 12-NEWS FLASH!! We do not live in a Christian nation. Why in the wide world of sports do we express suprise that people are not going to say “merry christmas”?? Why are you shocked when you suffer for Christ?

verse 14-If you suffer for Christ…praise God!!
verse 15-don’t let your punishment be because you are a sinner, don’t sufer the fate of a rejector of God
verse 16-if you suffer for Christ, don’t be ashamed…praise God!!
verse 17-it is time for judgement to begin, and it’s starting from within. the fiery ordeal is the testing we will have to endure
as faithful believers in Christ.
verse 18-and if you believers will be saved only through judgement (see your KJV, defined as avenge, condemnation, and
damnation), how much worse will it be for non-believers?

Safety abounds.


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