This is a new deal…We’ll see what happens.

I am currently reading Praise Habit, by David Crowder. It is an exposition of the Psalms, and I am reading it as my daily devotional. Today, I read from Psalm 88 in the book. In this section Dave talks about pinhole cameras, and his current fascination with them. The following statements caught me off guard…

“I love the idea that images are entering your space without your intending it. We build a room to keep the outside, outside and the inside, inside-and we fail. Without asking, the outside comes in through the tiniest of holes and imposes itself on us in our protected areas” (Crowder 115).

It only takes a brief firing of the synapses in our minds to relate this to sin. Sin is everywhere. We are all affected by it; it taints every single thing, from way we talk, think, eat, to whom we marry and even the way my yellow highlighter functions. Without seeking sin intentionally, we stumble upon it, because it is everywhere. You don’t have to go far into the “blogging” community to see it’s impact.

Then I got to scripture, the second part of my devotional “routine”. Today I read 1 Peter 4, and only made it through verse 6. Peter writes that because Christ has suffered in the flesh, we should follow in his footsteps. We should endure. Verse 3 says that our time in sin has passed, the fact that we were once given over to it is long gone. We have spent “sufficient” time in it, we know the fruits of the sin. We know what end that lewdness, lusts, drunkenness, drinking parties and idolatries bring. And verse 5 states that indeed, we will render an account “to him who is ready to judge the living and the dead.”

Somedays I am slayed by scripture, I am both frustrated and encouraged by what I read. The time has passed for our sin. We have Christ. Glory to God.


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